Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cabin Fever and the Alzheimer's Conference

I think cabin fever has finally gotten to Mom. She has asked several times what she can do to get out of the house. I offered to take her for a ride but she refused. I told her that she could go back to daycare though she wasn't quite sure what that was. On Monday the PT will be here after lunch for 45 minutes to work with her. I hope it goes well. She has been really stiff and sore so we need to get her moving. I've been thinking of trying a different day program, to see if Mom might be more accepting of a different location. I really love the people at Prairie though, they have been so incredibly helpful and supportive. And it's so close to our house. I have to do what is best for Mom though.

I finally got the recommendations from the lawyer. I need to call her to find out where to get original POAs. She said to have several on hand just in case. This is really complicated stuff, at least for me. She also said that I need to keep good records of any money that is spent. I track everything in Quicken; I need to ask if that is good enough. I've never been a very organized person. I take after my Dad. Mom was always the organized one.

Yesterday I talked to a women who runs several group home-type facilities in the Twin Cities for persons with Alzheimer's/dementia. She had some good ideas for me for activities for Mom, besides the ones I already have in the Joy Kit. She said she was amazed at all of the things that I have already done for Mom. I am intrigued by this concept of a group home for ALZ patients and intend to learn more about it. The homes pictured on their website look pretty fancy and the activities sound stimulating.

We talked to my sister and my nephew today. Mom always seems to remember Matt. She seems to always remember my sister and brother too. It was nice to talk to Matt. He's a good kid and we've always shared a close bond.

What have I done for myself lately? Nothing. I really need to do something in that area. I've been encouraged to attend the Meeting of the Minds Alzheimer's conference (I can't seem to get away from ALZ can I?). I've been trying to work on scrapbooks too. Mom never lets me get too far away from her though and she doesn't seem to be interested in helping me. I also bought some wooden block-type puzzles that she enjoys working. They are for 4 years old and up. I'd like to find some puzzles that are a little more complicated. All in all, things are the same for us, the rollercoaster appears to be on the straightaway....for now.


Cinnamin said...

Hi Robyn, I'm just checking in with you and wanted to let you know that I stopped by.

You always seem to be "on the go"! I hope things are soon falling into place with your Mom.

Regular life keeps us all on the move, we don't really need upset and stress added in the mix!

Have you checked out Educational Supply stores for more difficult puzzles for Mom? They carry all kinds of cool stuff, little games and projects that may be of use to you!

Thinking of you. Praying for you and your Mom.

rilera said...

Thanks for stopping by with your great suggestions Cin! I always appreciate it. I hope YOU are doing OK.

~Betsy said...

Have you tried the foam craft kits? My mom adored them - as you probably remember. I have some left over snowmen if you want them. Just email me your address and I'll drop them in the mail. I found them the other day and we never even opened them yet.

As for the record keeping - I am also not organized, but I recommend in addition to the Quicken program, keep the receipts in an organized fashion. Even just envelopes with the month and year should suffice. I wish I had done a better job when Mom was alive.

cornbread hell said...

wow. the group-home facility website looks so great. any idea what it costs to live there?

rilera said...

Hi Rick, I checked on that. The cost is 285 to 450 per day. It does look like a great place to live though!

cornbread hell said...

that's only about 10 grand per month!

hahahahahaha. sign me up.

nancy said...

if you are interested in checking out group homes there MUST be others in your area that aren't that expensive. i researched them quite a bit down here and did have a group home (took 8, only 10 minutes from home) that i would have considered for russ if it got so that i couldn't handle him anymore. this home was for more advanced/end stage, it was between 2800-3000 a month. a friend of mine had her husband there and loved it. a husband and wife nurse team owned and ran it.

Annie said...

It looks like the comment I wrote yesterday didn't save. Grr. I'll try to recreate it.

Wouldn't you know that the weekend of the conference I am actually going to be on vacation, or I would suggest that we go together. It looks like an interesting conference.

flintysooner said...

Robyn, my aunt was in a group home and it was great for her as well as my cousins. It wasn't nearly that expensive though - more on the order of nancy's post.


rilera said...

Nancy and Flinty, I know of 2 other group homes near us that I have looked into. 1 is in the same price range :(

Annie, That would be fun to go together but I'm glad you are going on vacation instead.

Joanne said...

You're doing such a wonderful job with your mom, Robyn. Sorry I don't have any more suggestions for crafts other than what's already been mentioned. I do have a book at my house that has rehabilitation and therapy crafts in it. When I go home, I'll pull it out and come back with the web address of the place I ordered things from.

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