Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm officially addicted to This morning my login invitation arrived in my email and I set up my account. I've found so many interesting patterns, including the mittens I plan to knit with my hollyhock yarn from Annie. What a great website. My neighbor is a knitter. She just finished a beautiful fair isle sweater for her niece. It's a gorgeous cashmere yarn in browns and pinks. Very lovely. I'm not that ambitious; I like to stick to the easier patterns.

Mom is sleeping again. I need to convince her to come out with me. She doesn't want to leave the house and I'm not sure what to try to entice her. The weather is beautiful today. Last evening we had storms which broke the heat. The weather alert radio, which arrived yesterday, really got a workout on it's first day on the job.

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Annie said...

Today felt so wonderful after that humidity. I actually weeded the garden today.

Sorry about the outbursts. I hate AD and what it does to our loved ones.

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