Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today I had an email from the memory care facility. It seems they think they will have an opening, 'a lovely studio', in about a month. Am I ready? Yes and no. I'm ready to get my life back on track but I'm not ready to accept this next step in life; it means I am one step closer to losing Mom. But I have to be ready, for her and for me. I'm praying for strength and support. And I'm praying that eventually Mom will find happiness and meaning in her new surroundings.


~Betsy said...

You'll do the right thing, Robyn. Follow your instincts. If this is the right facility, you'll know. And if it isn't, you'll know that, too.

I know it's hard, but please know I'm here if you need someone to listen.

Bob Tell said...

Thanks for your post on my blog "The Caregiver Chronicles"
I know how hard it is to accept the change in your Mom's location. I can only hope that your experience will be like mine when my Mom went to a memory unit. I had to admit she was happy. There was lot's of mental stimulation and companionship. It turned out to be a wonderful change for her. I write about it in my book. I wish the same for you.

Bob Tell, Author
Dementia Diary-A Caregiver'sJournal.

Annie said...

Giving you all the support I can muster!

Cinnamin said...

" means I am one step closer to losing Mom."

Wow, did you hear that? A quiet little cracking sound? That was my heart breaking as I read your words.

Robyn, you will not LOSE your Mom by placing her in a safe environment! You can still "check in" on her and you will still have her and still see her. Still hug her and yes, still love her! She may actually enjoy living in her own space again!

You will be able to sleep at night, knowing that Mom is safe and watched over. You will no longer have to stress if she has taken her medications that day. You are doing what you feel is the right thing for both of you. We become the parent and have to "go with our gut" when making decisions for our ill parents. I'm with Betsy, follow your instincts!

Some days I still think back on the decisions that I was forced to make and second guess myself thinking about IF I should have placed my own Mother. She so much liked her independence, her own space.

Thinking of you and sending ((hugs)) your way. You will make the right decision. Trust yourself!

nancy said...

i couldn't agree with betsy or cinny more. please know that whatever you decide we will all be here to support you! (((hugs)))

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