Friday, November 7, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Tonight I'm going to stop by to see Mom. I spoke with the facility director yesterday and he was very understanding and said he would get to the bottom of it. I had better see some improvement today. I hope Mom is having some pleasant moments. The life enrichment coordinator told me that Mom was upset at Monday's music program and she started crying and wanting to leave. I was wondering if maybe a certain song had triggered an emotion, because normally she enjoys listening to music. Some songs, like Amazing Grace, will bring up some emotions and she will cry. We may never know the reason why she got upset, in fact it may have nothing to do with the music. I also brought up Mom's love of coloring which it seems the LEC knew nothing about. I know we filled out the paperwork quickly but I've got to believe that we mentioned Mom loves to color. It's the perfect way to calm her down and give her purpose.


Annie said...

Hope your visit went well and there were changes made!

cornbread hell said...

amazing grace makes everyone cry, doesn't it?

looking forward to your next report.

Lori1955 said...

How did the visit go? Did you get things straightened out there?

nancy said...

keep on them robyn. i agree, the more you show up unexpectedly the more they will know they need to do what is right. it's terrible to think that way but it's the truth. you are her best advocate and i know you will do everything you can to see she gets the care she deserves!

keep us posted on the answers you get after the administrator investigates. a sign saying don't get her up??? i'd be furious too!

J said...

Been catching up on your blog. Good for you! Raising Heck is what was needed. Didn't you guys pay for a machine to lift your mom out of bed? That sign would have set me off! I know they work hard BUT that is their job. Oooo! Once when mom had to go in for therapy for a few weeks a friend told me that the main thing is that the nurses and staff know that family is going to be out and in at all times. She said otherwise they are not high priority. Sad. But true.

~Betsy said...

Did you bring some of mom's coloring books from home? That might be a subtle way of being sure they know her likes.

Keep doing what you're doing. You're a good advocate and a wonderful daughter.