Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Give Up Hope Ever

Here is a sight no one ever expected to see.
This is Lily(front) and Olivia on Mom's bed.
This happened sometime last summer. It took Lily 18 months to come out of my room after we adopted Olivia. Lily was my cat, I'd had her for several years when we decided to adopt Olivia. Olivia bonded with Mom and would sit on her lap and sleep with Mom at night. She did a wonderful job at keeping Mom company. She would check on Mom periodically throughout the day to make sure she was OK. When Mom would cry Olivia would kiss her. I'm going to try to take Olivia to visit Mom, once I get her claws (Olivia's not Mom's) trimmed. I think she is really missing Mom.
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~Betsy said...

I would be lost without my kitties. I think taking Olivia for a visit is a great idea!

J said...

Such pretty babies! We have a semi feral kitty we call BlueBell that looks like your babies.
I think the visit would be nice for both of them.

rilera said...

I love these cats! As Betsy says, I would be lost without them.

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