Sunday, November 30, 2008


Mom was back to being agitated last night. I think it's sundowning. She was upset and crying off and on. I couldn't figure out what was upsetting her. I tried to get her to color but she was not very interested. She tried it, but she was too agitated. At dinner time she slept awaking just in time for the meal to be over for everyone else. I fed her most of her dinner and she ate it readily.

There was about a quarter of an inch of snow on the ground this morning when I awoke. The sound of the snowplow and shovelers foreshadowed this. It's rather cold too. I suppose it's time.

On Friday night I watched the movie "Baby Mama". It was a nice diversion for me as I found it quite funny. It took my mind off of Mom for a while.

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone at work. I've enjoyed my time off by reading, knitting, watching movies and straightening up around the house. I've finished my mittens Annie! And they look great. I'll take a picture as soon as I'm done blocking them. I've also spent some quality time with Mom.


~Betsy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sundowning. That's always difficult. Have you had a chance to talk with the doctor about some meds?

Glad to hear you had a chance to relax and recharge this weekend.

Annie said...

I'm glad you were able to spend time with your Mom, but also to relax yourself. Congratulations on finishing the mittens!