Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mom was hallucinating yesterday. She was certain that someone was downstairs. At bedtime, she was certain that someone was lying next to her and they got up and left. But she couldn't tell me who it was or what they looked like. I've called a home assistance agency. A nurse is coming out on Friday for a free consultation. They have a 3 hour/2 days a week minimum. That might be a good start for Mom. The aide can take her swimming, help her bathe, etc. It will take some of the pressure and worry off of me. But Mom will fight it tooth and nail. She will be mad at me. Why can't this horrible disease make it easier on the caregiver? Next week is the appointment with the neurologist. I'm dreading it because I know Mom will pitch a fit. God I hate this disease, dementia.

With hindsight I now know that Mom knew she was having memory problems. She had numerous post-it notes throughout her home, she would mark the days off on her calendar and she had other reminders in her home.

Study has found that fish oil can prevent Alzheimer's and possibly even stop its progression...

My therapist thinks we 3 kids should take turns having Mom live with us. Hah.

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