Friday, April 13, 2007

My therapist has a theory, which is probably right, about why Mom gets so upset about not being able to eat her noonday meal; she thinks it's because Mom was forced to eat everything on her plate as a child and if she didn't she was 'bad'. Anyway, I canceled the noon day meal delivery. And last night Mom ate 3 slices of pizza and today her appetite seems to be back. My therapist also suggested that I fax the Neuro clinic the health care PofT and then ask if Mom has a diagnosis from them. If she does not, then the therapist said we should proceed with the neuropsych testing so that we can get a probable diagnosis. If she does have ALZ (which she most likely does) then that will make various services available for her.

It was sunny today and in the mid 50s. It was nice to be outside. On the way home I saw 2 deer in the woods at the entrance into our subdivision. They were grazing.

Tonight we watched the movie "Flightplan" with Jodie Foster. It was really good and suspenseful. Even Mom stayed to watch the whole thing and seemed to follow the plot.

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