Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last night while I was making dinner I heard Mom sobbing. She was watching the nightly news and the story was about the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's murder. She was very upset and wanted to know more about this man. So we sat and talked about him. And I got to thinking about how things have changed in the US in the last 40 years. I was only a toddler when MLK was slain so I have only the history books to tell me what it was like before I was born.

Yesterday we also had a dentist's appointment. I always used to feel like the dentist was chastising me for not taking better care of Mom's teeth. This dentist, who is also my dentist, was very understanding and helpful, as was the hygienist. Mom visits every 4 months for a thorough cleaning. She's very patient although yesterday she had a lot of plaque and tartar that needed to be removed and it was painful. She said her mouth was fine last night though so there doesn't seem to be any lingering tenderness.

We visited with Mr. Bailey and George before we left for our appointment. Mom loves Mr. Bailey (our neighbor's dog) so it was fun. Mr. Bailey spent the last 3 months traveling with his parents in their RV.

I have been thinking very hard about the move to the ALF. At this point I'm thinking that I will wait because now that spring is here I feel able to handle this better. I'm hesitant though because the room is awesome, but I know there will be more vacancies.

I've created an Alzheimer's Caregivers blog ring if anyone is interested in joining. Just click on the purple Alzheimer's Awareness ribbon to the right and sign up. That way your blog or website will be included in the ring.


~Betsy said...

Sounds like things are on an even keel right now, Robyn. Seize the day! I hope you have many more like this and that spring has finally sprung in Minnesota.

cornbread hell said...

robyn, see my current blog.
i hope you don't mind...


nancy said...

glad you are at peace with your decision robyn. can you explain the purple ribbon a bit more?

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