Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mom and I went grocery shopping today! Mom used her walker this time and walked through the house, down the ramp and was able to get herself into the car. She did the reverse when we got home. I'm so proud of her! I think the physical therapy is helping as is the shoe lift. She didn't seem to be in such intense pain as she was in the past, but she did get a little breathless. This is good progress I think.

I was reading about something called an Alzheimer's garden in one of the many newsletters that I receive. It allows the person with ALZ to wander through a garden safely; a wonderful concept I think.

I think I've figured out that when Mom is bored she will ask questions repeatedly so I try to divert her attention and that seems to help. She was restless last night I think because she napped during the day off and on.

The sun is out today, finally. It's still pretty cool though. I noticed that our crabapple trees have buds that are poised to burst open as soon as we get a stretch of nice weather. I can't wait.


Annie said...

I'm glad you both were able to get out and enjoy the sun! Thank you for that link. It gave me some ideas about what I can do around here to make it more pleasant for Mom to walk around. Now if I could just win the lottery so I could afford it!

nancy said...

glad you avoided the snow. we did too, just a dusting which melted in no time.

hang in there about all the questions. i think with russ, a lot of the times he was either bored or anxious about something.

~Betsy said...

I think it's wonderful your mom made it to the grocery store with you! Enjoy!

cornbread hell said...

getting out with mom is such a chore, but always worth it.

the last time we did it, a few days ago, i took a wheelchair along just in case. she couldn't understand it at first, but on the way back she was grateful to be pushed...we were both glad in the long run and had a good laugh about *me and my wheelchair and her and her walker.*


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