Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I received a progress report from Mom's physical therapist. It said that Mom is progressing nicely. Several people have mentioned that Mom seems to be walking better. Our house keeper said that Mom was telling her about 'a nice man who can fix my hip' which I take to mean the orthotist who put a lift on her shoe. We are so lucky to be surrounded by good people who help us out. Mom had a good evening and a good day. But then every day with Terri, her caregiver, is a good day. She was all smiles when I arrived home. That makes me happy.

Guess what's in the forecast for tomorrow? You guessed it, that four-letter word SNOW! ICK! If the weather report is correct we could get up to 6 inches between tomorrow afternoon and Friday.


cornbread hell said...

"She was all smiles when I arrived home. That makes me happy."

sorry about the snow, but reading the above made me feel good, too.

~Betsy said...

Glad things are going well with mom. It's all we can hope for!

Enough with the snow already! Geez!

Annie said...

I'm glad your Mom is happy and able to walk better.

So far we just have rain. Well, it started as sleet this mroning. Down here we're supposed to get only a couple of inches. The wind is fierce though.

Cinnamin said...

I was smiling to read that your Mom was "all smiles"! I agree, you are very lucky to have good people around you both! Sending ((hugs)) your way today.

nancy said...

did you get much snow? we are suppose to get 4" on saturday! glad to hear your mom had a good day.

rilera said...

We have mostly slush this morning. Yesterday afternoon it was raining very hard and very windy. Northern Minnesota got hammered with double digit snow. We are only supposed to get a few inches more. Whew.