Sunday, April 27, 2008

My aunt called today and she and Mom talked for quite a while. She wanted to let us know that the brother of my dad's best friend had passed away on Friday. Mom seemed to recognize the name, but we can't really ever be sure with her. Because of the Alzheimer's. My dad and his childhood best friend shared the same first name. The were quite inseparable from what I've been told. The funniest thing though is that they both married girls with the same first name.

My cold is getting better slowly. My tonsils feel better right now too. Mom is getting a little impatient with my coughing though. Every time I cough she asks me if there's something I can do to make myself better.

The sun was out for a short while today. It's still cold though. I can't wait for warm weather. And sunny days.

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Annie said...

Hope you are able to get the rest you need to continue to get better!

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