Monday, April 7, 2008

April (Snow) Showers!

This morning I called Joy and told her that Mom and I were going to pass on the room...for now. Even though it is a beautiful room I feel in my heart that it's not time. Mom is doing great with her caregivers and she enjoys her physical therapy twice weekly. She really looks forward to seeing 'her girls' as she calls them. We are so lucky to have such great people caring for Mom. She seems to be walking better with the new lift. I'm quite pleased. I bought a little pedal machine like she uses with her PT and tonight she was pedaling away with a big huge smile on her face. And right now she is snuggling with Olivia.

Meanwhile our weather continues to suck. It was cold and rainy today, with the occasional snowflake. I'm ready for daffodils and tulips, not snow flurries! Enough already.


Annie said...

I'm glad things are going well for you and your Mom, Robyn!

Cinnamin said...

*Whew* That would be me, breathing a sigh of relief.

I understand, I DO understand that there may "come the time" to place your mom, Robyn, and NO ONE will fault you for making the decision when it is THAT time.

I just felt such a weight lifted when I read this post. I can't explain it, but I'm glad that you made this choice for now. For some reason, it just feels right.

I'm not you, but you are on my mind with this situation. I guess what I'm stumbling around with here is that for what it is worth, I think you did the right thing. You'll KNOW when it is right. I just wanted you to know that you matter to me and that I care.

rilera said...

Thanks Annie and Cinnamin, it was a tough decision but I made it and I won't look back. My sister gave me her blessing and my brother was OK with it too. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and the rest of my friends with your support and love.

cornbread hell said...

i'm relieved to hear you've made a decision. that must feel really good.

~Betsy said...

I think the worst part of this journey is having to make these decisions all the time. I'm glad you're at peace with it because that's really all that matters - mom is well cared for and you are happy.

Here's wishing for some beautiful spring weather coming your way!

nancy said...

you sound at peace with your decision robyn. i am glad for you. it sounds like the right decision for the two of you as well. i agree, with the nicer weather hopefully coming, it will hopefully lift everyone's spirit. just know that we are here for you as well if you change your mind.