Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom asks questions about everything. It's like living with a curious child. Who's that? What is he doing? It'd be one thing if she only asked once, but, because of the Alzheimer's she asks that same questions over and over. It's sometimes exhausting.

We dodged a bullet today. So far we've only gotten rain. What little snow we did get has melted away already. But north of here they got walloped. Especially in Duluth where the entire city was shut down because of blizzard conditions. This winter just refuses to remove it's grip from the midwest. I am ready for sunshine and warmth. I hope that we don't dive right from this to hot, humid weather with no spring.


Annie said...

When Mom asks a question, she expects an immediate answer. I have learned to just say anything, because she gets mad if I don't answer right away. Sometimes the question is: Is it up or down? I usually have no idea what she is asking about, so I just say one or the other.

Just starting to snow here.

~Betsy said...

Going directly from winter to hot, humid summer weather is a Pittsburgh thing. So far, we're doing OK with hints of spring. But it wouldn't surprise me one bit if we skip spring entirely. Sigh.

Sorry about the repeated questions. I remember those days well. Some days I had to walk out of the room and take a deep breath. Maybe that would work for you.

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