Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life is Full of Disappointments

I am very disappointed. Yesterday I called the ALF and found out that the room which I thought had been earmarked for Mom, was actually not going to be vacated, and therefore available, after all. I really was bothered by the fact that no one bothered to call me about this, I only found out because I called them. This pisses me off and I've a tarnished view of this facility now. If they can't even get this right then how confident can I be that they will take good care of my Mom? Not to mention the fact that I passed on vacancies at two other facilities, confident that we had a room. Luckily, one of those rooms is still available. I had a gut feeling about not taking Mom off the waiting list at this other facility and it turns out that the feeling was right. So, tonight I am visiting another ALF to view an available room. It is extremely important to me that I have a good feeling about the place where Mom will live. Right now Sunrise has a lot to make up for in my eyes. And it's back to square one as far as the move is concerned.


cornbread hell said...

i understand your misgivings. and welcome to my world...i agree they screwed up. big time.

still, i'd suggest you go talk to them. tell them of your concern and see how they respond/react to you, the dutiful daughter, before you count them out as a possible home for your mom.

no facility is perfect. i bet they will all disappoint you in one way or another at some time.

in my experience the administrators are basically a bunch of creepy crawlies, but the actual caregivers are incredibly loving, caring people.

Annie said...

Oh Robyn, I imagine you are about sick with the stress and worry. I hope the one you visit tonight gives you good feelings.


~Betsy said...

Allows follow your gut - listen to that little voice inside and it will steer you right.

nancy said...

i agree with betsy, trust you gut!

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