Friday, August 22, 2008

The Place

Today I am going to sign the paper work for Mom's room. Unlike the other facility, the marketing person played 'phone tag' with my sister until they finally connected and my sister spoke with this person for nearly 20 minutes. I think she has a better feeling about the new ALF now. The other ALF called me and apologized but reiterated that 'beds for memory care are scarce'. My sister mentioned the whole fiasco to the director of the new facility and she said that that facility has been experiencing some 'shakeups' at the top. I kind of picked up on that.

Meanwhile at home Mom has a new caregiver, Joy. She's a college student. Yesterday she gave Mom a manicure and a pedicure. She has a beautiful coral polish on her finger nails. Joy is a keeper. Once again I marvel at our luck with home health caregivers.

Last night Lily bolted to the window in my room which is in the lower level of our house. This morning both cats were glued to the window so I took a look. A rabbit fell into our egress window well! I've called our homeowners association to see if they could send someone to help get it out. It is so cute but so frightened. Poor thing.


cornbread hell said...

congrats on the new alf. best wishes.

Cinnamin said...

Smiling with you over here! I am glad to hear that things are settled. I hope your Mom is happy there - And that you are happy with this place and piece of mind as well!

Poor bunny! Hope he's ok!

rilera said...

The bunny was rescued by Mom's caregiver! She used to rescue wildlife as a volunteer so she climbed down into the egress caught the bunny in a blanket and let it free. It scampered off really fast!

nancy said...

i'm saying a prayer and keeping positive thoughts that the transition will go well for your mom AND YOU!

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