Monday, August 25, 2008

Someone at work recently told me they are a Christian. In my opinion, a Christian doesn't have to say a word about being a Christian; they say it through their actions, and through how they treat others. There is a verse in the Bible, something along the lines of God saying that when you mistreat the weakest of his children you are also mistreating Him. This person who professes to be a Christian treats the weakest of God's children with no compassion or empathy. And that is all I'm going to say about that. We all have struggles and crosses to bear in our lives. It is important that we all remember that when we interact with each other. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Mom had a good day today according to her caregivers. She is in a great mood and has been coloring since I got home. I started crying today thinking about Mom moving to the ALF. I worry about her being happy and adjusting to her new surroundings. I worry about the day when we will take her to that ALF and drop her off there. She is going to feel abandoned. It rips my heart out to think that she has to go through this. I've been praying for an easy transition for all of us. I wish someone was available to coach us through this. But it's not like we are the first family to go through this. Others have paved the way before us. I hope that I can build from that strength.


Annie said...

Surely the memory facility has someone? Or what about the Alz Assocation? Or their forum? I've never ventured on there, but maybe there is someone there with suggestions? I'm sorry you have all these questions and no answers.

~Betsy said...

Amen to your Christian comments!

Sending hugs your way, Robyn.

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