Saturday, June 3, 2006

Have been seeing this huge, black Escalade parked in front of one of the houses in our neighborhood. Turns out it belongs to one of the Minnesota Vikings players. I figured the guy had to be a Viking since he looks pretty big. Korey Stringer lived in my old neighborhood for a while.

Today is a glorious day; sunny and breezy. It's perfect weather. We checked out the pool today. It wasn't very crowded but I'm not sure Mom could navigate the ladder down into the pool. I'd still like to get her to try the one at the senior rental place but she's not sure she's interested. She gets so lonely when I'm at work, I wish she would try something like that.

Met some of our neighbors yesterday. When I was walking to the mailbox I met Jerry who lives across the street. He and his wife have an 8 month old girl who is so cute. Later that evening Mom and I were sitting on the patio and the woman that lives in the house we looked at with the 4 steps into the house from the garage stopped by to tell us that she loves our flowers on our patio and that her daughter loves to watch our kitty in the window. She seems really nice and Mom enjoyed talking to her.

We went to the mall this morning and breakfast at Panera. We got new shoes for me and for Mom. I of course had to check out the scrapbook store and then we ran into my Creative Memories consultant who told me that she has my latest order. Mom dumped her pills into her water this AM. I'm not sure this is a good thing but I can't figure out how to stop her. I hand her the pills first and then the glass of water and she takes the pills and dumps them in. Maybe I should have her put them in her mouth, then give her the glass of water. I never am quite sure what to expect next....

I've been looking for some desk/office/storage furniture on the IKEA website. I'd like to go to the store at the Mall O' America, but it's so huge and I get so overwhelmed there. I'm going to have to work up to it though cuz I found some stuff I really thing would work out well. The hard part will be getting it home and then assembling it. One of my friends suggested having an "Assemble my IKEA stuff" party....

We've added a new rider to our vanpool. She is from India and works with us. She is really nice and very smart. She knows Java well it sounds like. She lives in Shakopee and was planning to drive herself every day til she realized how convenient the vanpool is. I'm glad she decided to join us.

The media is making a big deal about my birthday this year -- 6-6-06. What a bunch of garbage. Mothers who have due dates are planning ways to not have their babies born on that day. Get real!

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