Friday, June 2, 2006

Last night the gorgeous animal to the left, my beautiful Lily, was doing her annoying thing of scratching at the glass on my grandmother's wedding picture which hangs over my bed. I decided to take it off the wall so I could get some sleep and somehow I knocked the picture above it off the wall and it feel down and hit me right square in the bridge of my nose. No, it doesn't look too bad this morning but it sure does hurt when I touch it. Don't know what her fascination is with the picture but she has been doing this for years! Maybe she can see her reflection in the glass, I dunno.

Finally heard from my brother. He is taking one of the jobs he was offered and starts late June. This will mean that he is moving, but it will be closer to Minnesota so that is good. I know he doesn't like where he is at now so a fresh start is good. I think that my niece will adjust better too, since they are moving to her birthplace. I'm happy for him.

Mom did a weird thing today; when I gave her her pills to take this morning, she dumped them into her orange juice. Yikes! I kind of overreacted with "what are you doing?" and she wanted to dump out half of the juice but I made her drink it all because her meds were in it. It's like having a kid. I'm definitely learning to have patience and understanding because I realize that it's not her doing these things, it's the dementia.

We are looking for a seat for the shower stall and a wall gripper so that she can hang on to something when she is taking a shower. She says she feels very unsteady in the shower. I need to replace the shower head with the new one that has a handheld head as well as a regular showerhead. I just can't get the old one off. Need to call a handyman.

Isn't my life fun?? It could be worse....


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous cat!

rilera said...

thank you