Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mom is irritable today. I'm trying to handle it patiently but it's hard. Went to Bachmans this AM to get some spray to kill the bugs that are eating the leaves of my tree rose. Also got some more plants for the patio. They make a fuschia that can take full to partial sun! I love them so I got one.

Yesterday I met the woman who lives across the street. We got a letter that should have gone in her mailbox so I dropped it off. She seems very nice. When I got home Mom thought I had gone over there to have her come over to take care of Mom (?). Her mind is really weird. I've got to call the ALZ org just to make contact with them. It would be nice to have someone come in and spend time with her and maybe bathe her. She would have a fit about that though. Sometimes I get so weary from struggling with her to do things that she needs to do.

We had rain last evening which was good for the grass and plants. It seemed to cool off and get rid of some of the heat and humidity too. Today is a lovely day, breezy and cooler.

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