Sunday, June 11, 2006

It has been cloudy and dreary here in Minnesota. And cool. It was 57 this morning. Yikes.

We found a chair for the shower for Mom. She seems to like it. Now to replace the shower head with a handheld one.

I need to take Olivia (Stinky) to get her claws trimmed. They are wickedly sharp right now. She has really grown into a good kitty. She is very good with Mom and she doesn't bite and claw either of us nearly as much as she used to. She seems to be working things out with Lily too.

I ordered a Sander's birthday cake (Colonial buttercream) for Mom's birthday. It came overnight delivery on Friday. Mom was thrilled. It's nice to be able to provide some happiness to her.

Tomorrow it's back to work. :-( But I like my job so that's OK.

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