Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here's my proposal for smokers who don't like the idea of a smoking ban; in order to smoke in public, you have to be encased in a plastic bubble that contains all of the carcinogens so that you are the only one exposed to your secondhand smoke. Once you are in the plastic bubble, you can smoke and move freely about. That's the deal, take it or leave. That way, you can still hang out and smoke in bars, restaurants and other public places, but I don't have to breathe in your second hand smoke.

Day 6 of tapering off Lexapro update: I have had mild waves of dizziness/feeling spacey. Tonight I have a wicked pain between my eyes. Tomorrow I am supposed to start the Cymbalta.

Another person told me today that she heard from a reliable source that the new PM was a total shit. I guess it's not just me that feels that way. I feel bad about that, but I guess you can't teach a old dog a new trick. You'd think that he would get the message. has a new beta feature that shows you, based on people in your family tree, famous people to whom you are related (provided your tree and their trees are correct). Some of the people for my family include: Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls-Wilder, Bette Davis, Samuel Adams, Edward Hubble, Sir Walter Scott, Charles Stratten (aka Tom Thumb!), Amelia Earhart (my 9th cousin), Mamie Eisenhower, William Wordsworth, and Wernher Von Braun (a real, live rocket scientist!). Fascinating! Jane Austen's 5th great grandfather (Thomas Throckmorton) is my 12th great grandfather according to ancestory. Theodore Roosevelt is my 8th cousin twice removed.

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