Sunday, January 7, 2007

This morning Mom was gung ho to take down the tree. She was up and ready to go at about 9:00 AM, so we did it and now it's down.

She is getting diztier I think. She forgets that I have been home for the weekend. She insists upon going to bed whenever she is tired, even if it's 7:00 PM (then she gets up later in the night and roams or sits in the den). Every morning she asks why I have to go to work, why can't I just stay home with her? She doesn't think that I need to work, she has enough money for us both to live on. It makes me feel guilty. I feel bad that she stays home by herself all day while I'm at work but she won't go to the day center and she doesn't want anyone to come into the house (other than our housekeeper) to help her or take her anywhere. I sometimes run out of patience with her constantly asking the same thing over and over. I'd like to take her out more, but she has trouble with mobility. I definitely think that physical therapy helped her. I wish I had someone who could take her to the pool a few times per week, but she only wants to go with me. I hate dementia.

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