Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mom is driving me bonkers. It doesn't help when my perimenopausal symptoms kick in (hotflashes, anxiety). My patience can be pretty thin, especially with her constant need for me to be with her, and her constant repetition of questions. I need a break from her. She is going to either go to the day center or someone is going to come in and spend time with her; I can't go on being her only caregiver or I'm going to crack.

Looks like Cymbalta is a go. I'm tapering off Lexapro slowly and starting the cymbalta next week. Should be interesting. Just hope I don't have a setback, that's the last thing that I need. Sometimes I'm just reluctant to rock the boat.

One of Stinky's soft claws has come off but so far things are going pretty well with those. Lily is coming upstairs more often too.

Even though I asked for decaff, I think there was caffeine in the coffee we had this morning. Mom has been blubbering and full of more energy than usual. She's reading a book and seems to be applying things in the book to real life. YIKES!

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