Monday, January 1, 2007

Snow snow SNOW! We have a lot but it is melting fast. The snow removers dumped a BIG pile of snow at the beginning of our sidewalk. Luckily no one was visiting us last night. I hope they clear it out tomorrow. The sidewalk was icy this afternoon when I went out to clear off snow that had blown over it.

This afternoon Mom and I went through the extra pictures that she has and found a bunch of good ones to put in her Picfolio album that I am making for her. She knew who everyone was but when we got to a picture of Dad taken when he was sick, she didn't recognize him. No surprise.

It's rare for a politician to place the interests of his country above his own political aspirations. Gerald Ford was such a man. History has proven that his decision to pardon Nixon was the right thing to do for the country, a country that he loved. Godspeed.

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