Friday, January 12, 2007

It was an interesting day. The director from the day center came and picked up Mom around 9:00 this morning. Mom seemed very excited about it and willing went with her. However, once she got there she refused to participate in most of the activities and kept asking when her daughter was coming to pick her up. At noon the director called and filled me in on these details. She mentioned that a woman whom had taken Mom to the Senior Center was going to be coming and perhaps Mom would respond to her, and she did. I picked Mom up at 2:00 and her face lit up when she saw me. She seemed very happy and she said several times that she was the only one talking in the group (all of the women and men seemed much older than Mom, but then Mom doesn't look her age at all). So I'm not sure how to gauge this.

I took Lily to the vet where she had her shots and blood drawn. It seems that when cats reach the age of seven they are considered seniors and she was checked out thoroughly today. I can't believe that my baby is seven. Tonight, Mom called out and told me to come look; Lily was lying in the bathroom sink upstairs! She is trying to come out of her shell and I am thrilled.

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