Sunday, September 2, 2007

I found this picture of Mom and Dad posing in our backyard in Michigan in about 1966. I think this was a picture that Dad carried in his wallet for many years. When he passed away I found this picture and scanned it into my computer. I'm not sure why they were dressed up.

Mom is still taking the antibiotic and we are still dealing with diarrhea. I hope that this round of antibiotics clears up the infection. In the meantime, I am giving Mom the Activia yogurt.

Tomorrow is Labor day. The official end of summer. I'm not ready for summer to end so I'm going to recognize September 21 as the end of summer (because it is!) and plan on a lovely autumn. And phooey to winter!


~Betsy said...

What a great photo of your parents. I love old photos and can spend hours going through them.

I'm not looking forward to winter either. I would venture a guess that you and I deal with the harshest of winter weather among our little blog group. It's hard to get Mom out now, but come winter it's nearly impossible.

flintysooner said...

Wonderful photo. Your parents are so handsome.

That's a long time for the diarrhea. I keep Immodium AD and Metamucil. I have to be really cautious with both though because dad is so sensitive. I don't mind his stool being a little loose because it is easier to clean up. My nurse had me get the Immodium, too, by the way.

I'm looking forward to seasons changing. I like the change from one to the other. I like fall here, too. Winter, not so much.

rilera said...

Winter in Minnesota can be brutal though with global warming it has been mitigated. I don't know if that is good or bad. I found a stack of old photos from both sets of grandparents that I've enjoyed going through. My grandmother gave me a photo album of hers from the early 1900s. It's precious to me. Her family would return to Germany periodically for holiday and she has lots of pictures of those trips. I even have a photo of my great great grandfather in his Civil War uniform. I love to scrapbook.

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