Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm glad this week is over. It has been a hard week in which 2 of my blog friends lost their loved ones to AD. Participating in their vigils from afar was difficult, but not as difficult as what they went through with their loved ones.

I have to become more disciplined. Tonight after dinner I suggested to Mom that we change her underwear. She readily agreed but as she was walking into the bathroom a deluge let loose and her Depend couldn't hold it all because it was most likely already soaked. I should have done this sooner. On the plus side, the diarrhea problem is gone, I think it really was due to the Aricept. I've heard varying opinions about Aricept, from it doesn't work to it's helpful. I think it's based on the individual.

We went to have her INR checked and it was low. I also have to get a urine specimen from her this weekend so that I can drop it off on Monday, or sooner. I hope that the infection has cleared and that Mom will not have to have a pelvic exam. Even her doctor is not looking forward to her wrath and opposition if this happens. I dropped of the paperwork for Mom's disabled parking permit too for the doc to fill out.

No word about my interview yet.

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nancy said...

thanks for your post and kind words. i pray your mom is ok after her fall.

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