Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today we went to pick up a part for the new car. As Mom was getting into the car I caught a whiff of her and realized that she needed her Depends changed. Rather than haul her back into the house, we went to the dealer and did our errands, then we came home and took care of the mess in her pants. It was pretty gross and I don't know how clean I got her but I tried. I bought a handheld bidet which I finally installed yesterday but it's difficult to use with her because of her size. And the water is cool so Mom doesn't like it. But it helps. No wonder she gets UTIs. Even my sister said it's hard to clean up Mom. Tomorrow morning she gets a shower.

Seems like everyone around me is having problems back there. I had to take Olivia to the vet to have a procedure on her behind. Since she was due for shots soon, we also had that done.

Monday I have to go for an ultrasound because I've been having a slight pain in my abdomen. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I want to take the tranquilizers that the doc prescribed but then I have no one to drive me home. I hope this turns out to be nothing.

It's a beautiful day here today, sunny, breezy and cool.


~Betsy said...

Yikes, I really despise being the patient. I hope your ultrasound turns out OK.

I love the Old Irish Blessing. My maiden name is O'Brien - Irish enough for ya'? ;)

nancy said...

i too will say a pray that your ultrasound turns out ok. keep us posted.

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