Friday, September 7, 2007

Some days I just wish someone else would take over for me and handle the logistics of getting Mom to daycare, making her comfortable, managing her finances and medications, making sure she is clean and that her teeth are brushed. And other times I'm glad that I can help her out with this stuff.

This afternoon we went to the mall and shopped. Mom got some new clothes, she has lost weight so we needed to get a smaller size for her. We were able to pick up some things on clearance even. It's amazing how many people smile and help out when there is someone in a wheelchair. Several people even carried on a casual conversation. Once when we were out a little boy held the door for Mom and me. Is it just 'Minnesota nice' or does this happen other places too? It is astounding to me. Mom loves to see little children and babies out, but she always comments that she never took her babies out when they were that young. Somehow I don't think that is true. With 3 kids and a house to run, I'm sure that she took us with her when she went shopping or ran errands. I know for sure that my dad never ran those errands and I don't think he went in a grocery store until he was retired :)


flintysooner said...

It's something we caregivers don't talk about a lot but all the health caregiving part really is just a part of the whole job. Wills, estates, trust, lawyers, government, other family, - so many things to manage - really overwhelming sometimes.

I have lots and lots of friendly people here. It's a really high percentage. But it is far enough from 100% to make me remember I'm still among humans.

rilera said...

Luckily for me Mom took care of her will and all the other lawyer stuff soon after my dad died. I'm grateful for that.

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