Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Joyce picked Mom up again today and took her to the day program. I think Mom is starting to get used to it. My friend Beth-Ann told me about a ramp program that has a manual/VHS/DVD that one can purchase for building/designing a ramp. We need a ramp desperately at the back door into the garage. Took Mom for a haircut today. Her hair has really gotten thin; she used to have such thick, full hair. I wonder if it's one of the meds causing this hair loss?

No word on my interview, but I heard from another recruiter today who has a job close to home that sounds interesting. Seems like the job market is really strong, at least here and in IT. I've read that it takes an average of 17 interviews before one finally gets a job offer. Yikes!

Have been thinking about Nancy and Russ, and Lori, hoping things are going OK for Russ and that Lori is coping with her grief. Also Flinty and Betsy. AD is a sucky disease and a sucky way to watch a loved one slip away. It really is the long goodbye.

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~Betsy said...

The one thing I learned from a builder about making a ramp is the angle. It's important not to make it too steep because it becomes so difficult for a wheelchair or a walker. Ours was going to extend well out into the yard just to keep the angle down. We never did build it.

I'm thrilled that your mom is adjusting to the day program. I wish my mom would take interest in doing something or going somewhere. Anytime I've mentioned going somewhere like a "senior center", she flat out tells me no.

rilera said...

Betsy, I had the same issues with Mom, she would flat-out refuse when asked. I was frustrated but somehow it just works with Joyce. I'm as surprised as anyone as I expected to be berated about this but she seems content. About the ramp, they seem to have instructions for how to deal with the angle, we shall see.

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