Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mom finished up her antibiotics yesterday. I hope that the UTI is cured and that the diarrhea will now cease and desist. I think some relief from that will do us both a world of good. This morning I had to strip Mom's bed and wash the linens because of an accident. I also scrubbed down her bathroom with Mr. Clean. This routine is getting very old as she gets very upset and emotional about it. Something in her childhood must have affected how she views this because she now thinks that she is unclean when this happens. Baggage sucks.

It is a beautiful day here today, sunny and in the 60s. Lily and I are laying in front of the sliding glass door enjoying the cool breeze. At least until Mom pages me and demands that I spend every waking moment with her.

My uncle called today. He is thinking of bring my mom's sister, my auntie, to visit at Thanksgiving. In fact, he's kind of looking at it as a family reunion. His son and daughter are thinking of coming and he suggested asking my brother and sister and their families. That would be fun! We haven't all been together in a long time. I hope we can swing it. Aunt Mary Ellen, Mom's sister, has Parkinson's. She is pretty with it cognitively but like Mom can no longer drive and has difficulty walking. I will need to get going on the ramp at the back door and perhaps railings at the front door.


flintysooner said...

It's an unusual morning for me if I don't have to strip the bed. But it really is so much easier with the hospital bed.

The spending every minute with them sometimes really gets to me.

We had a lot of my wife's cousins over at her house on Friday evening. We had 3 computers and scanners and scanned hundreds of old photographs. But probably last time for that group as oldest is 93. It is such a wonderful thing to scan the old photographs.

nancy said...

getting together at thanksgiving sounds like fun. thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. we always get together with russ' family, usually 50+ each year, all at one persons house! great memories.

this year could be tough....

~Betsy said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's such a wonderful time - good food, family and friends and no added stress of gift shopping.

I am keeping my fingers crossed about the UTI and the day center/companion.

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