Saturday, September 1, 2007

Picked up some Activia yogurt today. I hope it will help with the diarrhea, which has not been good. Poor Mom. We took a ride in our new car, up to see Mom's old neighborhood and house. Once we hit the city limits the light went on and she remembered the place. It's a 45 minute drive from where we now live. I can't believe how often I made that drive, especially during the time of Dad's illness. Anyway, the old neighborhood looked really good, neat and trim. The driveways had all just been sealcoated so they were all taped off.

Just saw on Amazon that a new Jan Karon book is being released on Oct 30. I miss the Mitford series so I'm looking forward to reading this new series of books. I'm glad that she doesn't take years to write books like Jean Auel did in the Clan of the Cave Bear series. There were just too many years between books there, so even though I loved the books, I sort of lost interest. Currently I am reading "The Diana Chronicles" by Tina Brown and enjoying it immensely. Next up is "The Reagan Diaries" which Mom seemed to enjoy thought I'm not sure that she absorbed very much of it. Speaking of Reagan, I recently listened to Patti Davis' book "The Long Goodbye", an excellent book on her father's struggle with Alzheimer's. She is a very eloquent writer and did a great job painting the picture of her father's disease and her mother's love and devotion to him. A very touching book.


flintysooner said...

I give dad yogurt every day. Wonderful your mom remembered .

I tried to read the Cave Bear books and never could get interested in them. My daughter loved them though.
She and I are readers in our family.

I'm trying to read right now and having a terrible time. Hopefully it will pass.

rilera said...

I seem to go in spurts with reading. And Mom doesn't seem to help with that. She sometimes demands my full attention and gets upset if she doesn't get it.

~Betsy said...

I love to read, but haven't had any time to do so for a very long time. My desk area is full of books waiting for me to dig in. Elizabeth Berg is my favorite author. I also enjoy the books by Mitch Albom, but they are so small I can usually finish one of his novels in a few hours. It's better to borrow them from the library than to actually purchase them.

I edited a full length book for a guy in my writer's group. It's called 'Brick Walls - a Reflection on Race in a Southern School District' by Tom Truitt. I'm so proud he mentions me in the credits!

Hope your mom gets some relief from the yogurt. My mom gets bouts of diarrhea and I do the yogurt for her, too. Sometimes I have to give her a half tablet of Immodium AD. I know it's against the rules but I can't see her suffering with abdominal pains.

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