Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homeward Bound

Mom is going home to CB today. I think she will be happy about that. A and I conferenced with the Palliative care team today. They have recommended that Mom be evaluated for hospice. We are not sure if Mom's sharp decline is from the UTI or from a progression of her dementia. In either case, it will be helpful to have another resource to help make her comfortable and add some quality to her life. The palliative care doctor believes that Mom is having some problems with swallowing which may or may not be related to her UTI. It's most likely related to her dementia.

How am I with all of this? Shocked, stunned, relieved, worried, sad. I realize that having hospice involved does not mean that the end is imminent. I learned that from watching my dad who lived months after he went into hospice. It has happened so fast with Mom though. She still needs to be evaluated but I think they will find that hospice is appropriate for her. And that makes me sad.


cornbread hell said...

very very sad.

but it should be *reassuring* to know that, at least partially because you moved her to cb, she is getting the care and evaluation that she is.

i hope you have the support for yourself in place as well. you are an amazing and loving daughter.

be strong.
with love, rick

rilera said...

Thanks Rick. All of you in blog land help me so much and i am so grateful for that.

Annie said...

Robyn, words fail.

rilera said...

I saw Mom last night and she seemed much better. She was smiling and she ate all of her dinner (I fed her). We shall see what unfolds.

J said...

(((Robin))) hang in there sweetie.

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