Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time with Mom

Last night I went to watch Dancing with the Stars with Mom. It was so nice to be with her and it really made us both happy. I arrived early, around 7:15 and they were trying to put Mom to bed! She wasn't ready for that. At 8:30 they were back; the person who helps put Mom in bed using the Hoyer lift was leaving at 9:00. So I left and they put Mom to bed. Mom kept telling me that she was scared and I told her she was safe. Besides if anyone hurts her I'll rip their face off! She seems to be happy and is making her way around the community during the day according to the marketing director who sent an email to my sister. Today she was making a scarecrow. They really do seem to do fun things. I hope she is enjoying most of her time there.

I'm adjusting slowly to her absence. It's hard to come home to an empty house. I'm sleeping through the night now too and seem to be well rested. The kitties are adjusting to Mom's absence but I still plan to take Olivia for a visit at some point, mostly for Olivia's sake. She seems lost without Mom but Mom hasn't mentioned her.


cornbread hell said...

i'm glad to read this report.

isn't life odd?

~Betsy said...

It seems all are adjusting even if it is a slow one. I'm glad you and Mom could watch your show together and enjoy time together.

J said...

Good for you! I know you needed that time together as much as your mom.

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