Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today I visited Mom and she was agitated and bewildered. I got out her crayons and coloring books and we sat down and colored together. One of the caregivers joined us. This is always very calming for Mom to color. Another daughter was visiting her mother and she mentioned to me that Mom cries a lot. Quite a while ago Mom made me promise never to put her in a place for old people. Whether or not she remembers that I don't know. What I do know is that it has only been 20 days so hopefully it will get better with time. I left her with 2 of the aides who were talking with her and distracting her. I hope she gets some happiness out of her days.

We pay extra for caregivers to manage Mom's behaviors, which include the agitation. You would think that this would be a given with Alzheimer's but I guess it isn't. Today's market can virtually charge anything, at least here in Minneapolis, because beds for persons with memory loss are few. Makes you wonder doesn't it? What will it be like as the tsunami of baby boomers age and enter assisted living facilities. Is this country ready for it? I don't think it is.


cornbread hell said...

it is scary.
sometimes it's like dealing with the government. sometimes it's more like the mafia.

i complain sometimes after feeling screwed. then realize that, without a lawyer, i'm helpless. what's a guy to do?

~Betsy said...

I know this has been so hard on you. Try to hang in there - mom will adjust. (((((hugs)))))

J said...

Sweetie I don't mean to make light of your mom crying but as my mom gets deeper into ALZ she has started having spells of crying. Some of it is her medications and some of it is frustration and confusion with why things aren't what she thinks they are. You are doing great and you are there for her. She knows you love her.

Juli said...

I took care of my Grandfather for the last 3 years of his life with dementia.

He never cried that i recall but he did run naked thru the yard a few times.

He also made me promise not to let anyone put him in a home but when the time came I had no say at all.

I think what matters most is that we love and are loved. In the end all else fades.

many blessings and strength to you and your mom :)

Cinnamin said...

Robyn, I just stopped in to check in on you and your Mom. Thinking of you this morning and thought I'd send you a ((hug)). One can never have too many hugs!

I hope that everyone is getting on a happier schedule by now.

My Mom had crying spells too. I've heard this from other ALZ care givers as well.

Are you sleeping better? Hope so!

Annie said...

Is this country ready for it? Heck no. They're not ready for it now, either. Sigh.

J said...

Just dropped by to see how things are going. Hope all is well.

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