Friday, May 5, 2006


I am a voracious reader, especially when it comes to self help and illness. I found 2 good books on Alzheimers that I have been devouring. They are The 36 Hour Day" and "Into the Mist". I have learned so much about this disease. The first thing to remember about ALZ and dementia is that your loved one is not intentionally doing things to aggravate you. In the early stages, they are just as freaked out as you are by the changes in their mental acuity.

Tonight Mom and I went to Applebees for dinner. She likes to get out and I think it's important for her to do so. She has this new thing where she will put the napkin under her plate, like it's a placemat. Not sure what that is all about. Other times when we have been out she has done other unusual things. Like once at breakfast she poured her apple juice on her pancakes.

I am still struggling to get her to shower, at least once per week. I have cut back my work week to 32 hours in hopes that I can spend more time with her and keep her mind stimulated. She does seem better too.

I try to refrain from treating her like a child, but she is so child-like sometimes and other times she is so maternal. It's a very strange thing.

I worry about taking care of her. I hope that I am doing a good job and making good choices for her. I work hard to make sure she is comfortable and that she is eating nutritiously.

I also wonder if Alzheimers is in my or my siblings future. Hopefully by that time researchers will have made enough progress so that Alzheimers will not be quite so devastating. I hope.

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