Monday, May 29, 2006


It has been in the upper 90s for the last 2 days and our air conditioning has been broken. It runs, but it doesn't cool off the house. It's pretty unbearable. Thank God we have a basement where it has been cool. I worry about Mom though because she is upstairs and she can't recognize when she is overheating. I have a fan blowing on her. It is supposed to cool down soon. The repairman is supposed to come tomorrow. This is the second problem that we have had with the heating and cooling system at this house. In the winter, we had a problem with the blower and it got very cold in the house. Now we have a problem with the air conditioning. I'm going to bring this up with the builder. Who would expect it to be so hot in Minnesota for Memorial Day? I'm used to it being so cold and rainy. We went from having our furnace on to having to use our air conditioning in a matter of days.

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