Thursday, May 10, 2007

The hardest thing for me to deal with is Mom's bowel incontinence. Tonight, as I was getting ready for bed, she called me to say she'd had an accident in her bed. Yuck! I feel so bad for her and I feel bad for me. No wonder I turn to food for my emotional healing. That is going to be a tough habit to break because what else do I have to make me happy? There is nothing else in my life except Mom and work. I can't depend on my family, they are uninvolved. And who wouldn't be? Who would want to deal with this? Mom doesn't want to deal with this any more than I want to deal with it, but this is the hand we've been dealt so we deal with it as best we can. Tonight we sat on the patio but when it came time to go inside, Mom couldn't get out of the chair. Between that and the bowel incontinence, those are the things that are the hardest. I try to be patient and supportive, and most of the time I am, but sometimes I am so tired after a long day that I become impatient with the confusion, the incontinence and other behavior issues. Now might be the time to try the adult day care center.

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