Friday, May 4, 2007

Today with the nurse's aide seemed to go fairly well. The nurse was there too and she was surprised that Mom was so accepting of them after her reaction from last Friday. Mom even said that she remembered who she was from last Friday. I left at 9:00 and returned how at about 11:00. They were chatting and watching TV. Mom seemed fine, though she was rolling her eyes about having to 'have someone there'. Then we went for her blood draw and that was that! It is raining today, but we need the moisture. It's been dry. I had fun this morning; getting out and doing some shopping without having to worry about anyone but myself was nice. Mom got her hair cut last night. Kelly blew it dry and used a round brush on it and it looks nice. I need to do the same thing when I dry her hair, Mom doesn't like the frizzy curls. Tonight she was sundowning big time so I got out her scrapbook from high school and after and she looked at that. It seemed to calm her. I hate this disease so much. I miss my mom. Not much else to report.

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