Thursday, May 3, 2007

There is a baby bunny living in one of the window wells at work. There were 4 babies originally but 3 of them died from starvation we think. We've been feeding the last one grass and dandelion greens and so far it is still alive. It is very cute!

I woke up to a mess in Mom's room and bathroom. The carpet from the bed to the bathroom is going to have to be replaced, but not now. Tomorrow the aide is coming. The nurse called me today to talk about some strategies and to tell me who was chosen. She thinks this women will be a good fit for Mom. I hope so. It will take a load off to know that someone is helping Mom while I'm at work. Tonight I am taking her to get her hair cut. Hope she doesn't smell too bad.

I moved the appointment with the neurologist to a different day because I thought it might be too much for Mom to have all of this in one day. Plus, I made and new appointment at a closer clinic. Got the report from her last visit. Doctor wrote "possible dementia". She has really progressed quite a lot from 2 years ago. It's very sad to see this progression.

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