Sunday, June 3, 2007

I woke up feeling very disoriented. First of all, I thought it was Monday so I thought that I had overslept and missed my vanpool to work. It took a few minutes for me to realize that it's Sunday. I must have slept very deeply or the Flexeril is still in my system making me groggy. Mom was disoriented as well, she burst into tears when she realized that she was not alone today. I have been giving her Metamucil in hopes that it will help with the bowel incontinence. I'm not sure that the higher dose of citalopram is helping; she seems to be more agitated. But it's only been a week. I just don't want her to suffer. She is still reading The Reagan Diaries and asking me if he is dead every so often. It's cloudy and cool today. We are supposed to have thunderstorms off and on today. A is off to Denver today until Thurs. M is not liking his summer job, it's very hard and he is in pain, but he's making tons of money. An is bored this summer...On Friday I stopped in to Pier One and found a set of nesting tables with tile on the top to replace the one on the patio that is all broken up.

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