Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tried to get to bed early last night but it was not to be. Mom was a mess. Then she had an accident and got it EVERYWHERE. She was sobbing hysterically and saying how she was 'bad'. This was at 2:00 AM. She was in her bedroom and I heard her say 'someone help me'. When it got upstairs there was stool everywhere including on the new shirt I had just bought for her. I through all the clothes in the washer and then washed both her and the bathroom down. After I was done cleaning I walked into the den and Olivia was snuggling on Mom's lap purring and that seemed to calm Mom down. Sometimes that little cat can be a lifesaver. I slept until 10:00 AM this morning from exhaustion I think. Then I took Mom for her INR and stopped at Target to pick up stuff including a new iPod shuffle that I will use for walking. Now Mom is sleeping and I am watching 'Pandemic' on the Hallmark Channel.

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