Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mom has been emotional tonight. She finally went to bed at 9:30 then yelled at Olivia when she came and stood in the window. She yelled something about not being a baby and not needing someone in her room with her. Yikes! This is the third night of the Seroquel, I can't say that I've seen much difference. I'm beginning to get a little freaked out with this situation. It's been non-stop for 2 years almost and I need a break. We did get out today even though it is very hot here. We have what appear to be monarch butterflies in our Linden tree near the garage. Every time a car would drive they would all flutter out of the tree, it was pretty amazing to see. I bought a hibiscus plant today and re-potted it into a bigger pot as the woman at the garden center suggested. I hope it does well. My tree rose died and I wrote to the company for a warranty replacement or my money back. It's too bad because it was really beautiful last summer.

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