Monday, June 18, 2007

Judge Judy is on Larry King tonight talking about, among other things, Paris Hilton. Judy says, Paris deserves jail time, she broke the law not once but 3 times and each time she had a warning. I agree. She also says that the parents in the case are at fault as well for not instilling a purpose in their daughter. In fact, in my opinion, I think her parents are proud of her for her ill gotten fame and fortune. That is unfortunate. It used to be that the wealthy would frown on such behavior but now it is considered OK. That is too bad. Perhaps Ms. Hilton has finally learned a valuable lesson.

I asked the Home care agency to put our account on hold until the medication has a chance to work for Mom. Tonight she said that she enjoyed having the home care worker here. Maybe the med is starting to work?

It is a beautiful evening tonight. We went outside and Sateen, the cute little black puppy across the alley, was out and she and J ran over to play. Mom loves that puppy. She is pretty darn cute.

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