Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The last few days have gone fairly smoothly other than the Metamucil incident. I gave Mom some berry flavored Metamucil in her water and it worked like a laxative for her. Poor Mom. The doctor said to add some fiber to her diet, and she mentioned Metamucil, so I bought some and put it in Mom's water. Mom drank all of her water that day (20 ounces) but then she had diarrhea the next day. No more of that for her! Today it was so hot! 90 degrees. Mom seems to like the new home health aide, she says she is very nice. The nurse is going to stop by tomorrow so that is good.

It's easy to get caught up in my own life's drama but today I realized that others are experiencing drama in their lives. I was able to get to know K in my vanpool a little bit better today. I learned that she is divorced and that she has 3 kids. In a matter of months she separated from her husband and kicked him out, put her house up for sale and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a strong lady who works 2 jobs; one full time and one part time. She had to sue her husband to get him to pay child support. How can a human being refuse to support their own offspring? I will never understand that.

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