Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today when Mom was coming in from the patio she stepped up into the house and then lost her footing and fell. I tried to help her get up but I couldn't get through to her what she needed to do. It must have been 3o minutes of trying this until finally I grabbed my 36 Hour Day book and looked up Falls. It said to try to remain calm, comfort the person and then try to get them to get themselves up. If they can't then call 9-1-1. I was panicky and Mom picked up on this. Finally I called A who was a huge help (thank you!) and she advised me to call 9-1-1. Within a few minutes two big police officers were there to help Mom up and everything was fine. Now I know to do this before either of us gets too distressed. I'm not ready to put Mom in assisted living and I know she's not ready to go there. I wonder if upping her Seroquel could have affected her balance? I will have to look at the side effects. I know dizziness is a side effect but she hasn't complained of that; only of tiredness. She was really squirrely during the time when she couldn't get up. She wanted me to get her to the piano so she could play but she couldn't quite comprehend that she needed to get up to do that. Then she wanted her shoes on, and her glasses. I've got to remember my patience. Poor Mom, to be stuck with me.

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