Friday, June 8, 2007

Why does the world or at least the media, care so much about Paris Hilton? She's nothing but a spoiled, rich brat who never left behind her high school persona. She can't even do things for herself, she relies on others to tell her if it is OK to drive when she signed something that says she wouldn't drive. There are more important things in this world then the drama of this rich little tramp who parties her life away. She deserves to spend time in jail, maybe she'll learn something about the real world.

We took Mom's car in to the dealer because it was shaking when it would idle and the service engine soon light was on. Five hundred dollars and five hours later we finally left that place behind. It was a bad fuel injector according to the service advisor. It's time to sell that car I think.

Ang is having a drama. Webster has given her bookoo bucks to go there but she has her heart set on Kent because it's close to her high school boyfriend. Bad reason to pick a college.

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