Friday, August 31, 2007

Olivia seems to enjoy the kitty walk. This afternoon she stayed in it for about half an hour (supervised by me and Mom of course). She loves to eat grass and watch the birds fly by. Lily enjoys having Olivia out of her hair for a while.

Mom's diarrhea is back, thanks to the augmentin. I called her doctor today and she said that she would really like to keep Mom on it since she feels that the urinalysis results, because of the high white blood cell count, point to an infection rather than contamination from the surrounding skin. She suggested buying Activia yogurt and something called Lactotex (sp?). So tomorrow we will go pick up some more Activia yogurt. Luckily Mom likes it. Her appetite also seems to be back, anyway she will now eat several small meals a day without too much of a fuss. She still cries at night and doesn't want to sleep alone.

I had a phone interview today for a job that is closer to home. It sounds interesting. Shall see if I get a call back.

Weather has been beautiful here. Clear, blue skies sunny and 80s.

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