Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's an interesting article from WebMD. Boomers not Planning for Parents' Care


~Betsy said...

We never planned for my parents care and when Dad died suddenly, we had quite the dilemma with Mom's care. It taught me a heck of a lesson about my own aging process and not putting my kids in a similar situation.

rilera said...

We never planned either. My dad was only 65 when he got sick and he was gone so quickly. Mom tried to keep him home but near the end he fell out of bed and she couldn't get him back in it. She called hospice and they decided to move him to the hospital where he passed away quickly. With Mom, we never planned. She got lost driving and I decided it was time to move her in with me, never realizing what I was up against. Mom tried to get long term care insurance after Dad died but they rejected her. I've already got long term care insurance so hopefully, if I ever need it, it's there for me.